Exploor Exclusive - Day Trip from Cusco: Alternative Rainbow Mountain Hike + Community Visit + Alpaca Hike

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City: Cusco (Palccoyo), Mountains // Activities: Trekking tour //

Be one of the first travelers to visit the rainbow mountains without a multiple hour hike, tons of travelers or altitude problems. You will get the chance to get to know and support our social project, a local community that will hearty welcome you. 

 Why you'll love this experience:

This Experience Normal Rainbow Mountain
Mountain Palccoyo (3 Rainbow Mountains) Vinicunca (1 large mountain)
Daily Tourists 50-100 800-1000
Hike Duration 45-60 minutes 2-3 hours
Schedule 4:00 am - 5:00 pm 3:00 am - 4:00 pm
Time on top 2 hours 40 minutes
Guide The best possible The best possible
Group Size 2-10 2-10
Community Visit Yes No
Participants ES/EN (%) 5/95 5/95
Transport with Small to large van Small to large van
Known since 2017 2015
Hike with Alpaca Yes (exploor exclusive) No


The Rainbow Mountain in Peru has received a lot of attention lately and it is definitely one of the top places to visit in Cusco. When you are in the city of the Incas, you have to do the Tres Rainbows hike and get to know these postcard-like mountains and its unique landscape. The Rainbow Mountains in Peru will astonish you immediately because of their variety of colors due to the existing minerals in the soil. This is not the typical trekking tour to the Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain where you will be with hundreds of other tourists fighting to get the best photo with no people on it. This is the alternative trek that is not well-known yet! In comparison to the Vinicunca trek, you will not only see "one" Rainbow Mountain but numerous. Also, you will not be complaining about the 3-hour hike as you only hike about 45 minutes to 1 hour and you will already be rewarded with beautiful views, joined by an alpaca as big motivator. Most importantly, it is very likely that you will not see a large number of people as you do during the Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain tour. Enjoy this day trip to the Rainbow Mountains with your tour guide and convince yourself that this is one of the best ones in Cusco, if not in all of Peru! If you want to see what other travelers said about the tour you can check out the review video of the alternative rainbow mountain.

Difficulty of trek: easy - medium


Video sample of the Alternative Rainbow Mountain Trekking Tour 


Our guide will meet you at your hotel in Cusco between 4:00 - 4:30 am (please be ready from 4:00 am onwards, it might be earlier, any change will by communicated by us on time) for the Tres Rainbow hike in a private bus. Being on the road for a little more than an hour and a half, we will arrive at the restaurant to enjoy an energetic breakfast with an incredible view over the valley. 

At around 7:00 am, we will be entering the remote landscape, dreamland, seeing locals with their animals on the street, children leaving to school and lots of wild alpacas. Once we arrive at the Palccoyo community, where we launched our social project in order to help the locals, we will visit our potato museum (created in collaboration with exploor in October 2018). Next, we will head up to the parking lot (you can use the bathrooms here) from where you can see the first of the three Rainbow Mountains (. After our guide has shared some helpful tips, the hike to the other Rainbow Mountains will begin. Roughly an hour later you have reached the plateau at 4.900 m (16076.12 ft.) from where you can see all three rainbow mountains and the beautiful Andean landscapes. With some luck, you will even get a sneak peak of the Ausangate mountain (6.375 m / 21,000 ft.), Cusco's highest mountain. Now is the time for a warm coca or muña tea and some artisanal chocolate made by our "abuelita". At this point, you will learn more about the history and about the fascinating nature that surrounds you. Afterwards, you will hike for 20 minutes until reaching the stone forest from where you can take postcard-like pictures (this is optional as it's the toughest and steepest part; you can also stay at the plateau and meet up with the others later).

The descent will take approximately 45 minutes before we arrive at the car (toilet stop) and then head back down to the community. Here, you will have another chance to interact with the community members and their alpacas while learning more about their lifestyle. Following this, we will be on the road for approximately one hour driving to our lunch spot where some delicious Peruvian specialties are waiting for us. Once everyone is satisfied, we will return to Cusco and drop you off at your hotel at approximately 4:30 pm with some unforgettable memories.



  • Private transport with hotel pick-up from all hotels/hostels/AirBnBs close to the Plaza de Armas (see "Pickup / Drop-off" info below) 
  • Fluent English/ Spanish speaking local guide during the Tres Rainbows hike
  • Visit of local community (donations are welcome)
  • Breakfast and lunch 
  • Artisanal chocolate snacks made by our "abuelita" (grandma), coca leaves, snack on our way back to the restaurant, and a coca/muña tea when arriving at the mountain
  • Hike with Alpaca
  • Trekking poles
  • First-aid kit and oxygen
  • Communication radios

 Not Included:

  • Entrance to the Rainbow Mountain area (S/ 10)
  • Pick up from hotels outside of Cusco city
  • Money for toilet usage in the community (1 sol) or to support them by buying their handicrafts (from 4 up to 100 soles)
  • Donations to the community (in case you have old clothes or utilities, such as pens, notebooks etc., you're welcome to bring them)
  • Tips for your guide
  • Beverages


  • 4:00 am - 5:00 pm


  • Day tour


  • It is almost impossible to forecast the weather. Forecasts by google or other weather apps are not reliable, as the weather is unpredictable at this altitude in the mountains. There can be sun, clouds, rain, hail, snow or thunderstorms. Thus, please be prepared and follow our recommendations (our experienced guides know what to do in case the weather turns bad or dangerous).


  • Bring change in order to pay small expenses, such as for using the restroom
  • Bring your backpack, a rain cape and layers of clothes so you'll be warm
  • Take gloves, a hat, hiking shoes + an extra pair of socks with you (in case of snow) and if you want to you can bring hiking poles as well
  • Bring sunscreen, sunglasses and some extra money 
  • Pack some snacks and coca leaves

 Terms of Reservation:

  • If you want to book for 3 people or more please use the discount code "3PAL" during checkout and you'll get $5 off per person.
  • Minimum 1 day before
  • Minimum 2 people
  • If you buy the group tour and there are not a minimum of 2 people in total you have the option to:
    • postpone the date of the tour
    • receive a refund
    • pay the difference to the private tour and do the private tour

     Terms of Cancellation:

    • If you cancel up to 3 days before the start of the tour, you'll receive a 100% refund.
    • If you cancel less than 3 days before the start of the tour, you'll receive a 40% refund.
    • If you cancel less than 24 hours before the start of the tour, there won't be any refunds.

     Pickup / Drop-off:

    • Pickup from your hotel (only if your hotel is close to the city center of Cusco. In case you stay further away, meet up at the Plaza de Armas - taxi cost approx. 10-15 Soles)
    • Drop-off at Plaza de Armas (due to the rush hour that might leave you waiting 1-2 hours in the van in case we'd drop-off every participant)
    • Private tours include pickup from- and drop-off at the hotel.


      • We are not to be held liable in case of delayed flights, inconveniences with train schedules or bad weather.
      • The price for children under 9 years old is $83 (please contact us in case you want to do the tour with your children.
      • It is possible that the community, as well as the alpaca, are not available due to reasons by the community (sickness, family issues or others). The probability is very very low and we are in daily contact with them to make sure all will be fine for the next day. Still, the probability is there. We are not to be held liable in case of any circumstance and continue with the tour without any refund.



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