2-Day Ausangate Trek + Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca + Red Valley

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City: Cusco (Ausangate trek), Mountains // Activities: Trekking tour along the Ausangate trek //  

 Why you'll love this experience:

 Enjoy beautiful landscapes and almost no tourists around.

 You'll see a lot of Peruvian wildlife, such as alpacas and llamas.

 Be one of the first one to arrive at the Rainbow Mountain for sunrise.


This 2-day Ausangate trekking tour allows you to get to know the rainbow mountain Vinicunca and beautiful, untouched Andean mountain landscapes that you will only find in Cusco. Come closer to Cusco's highest mountain, the Ausangate (6384 m), and enjoy spectacular views of Cusco's majesty, surrounded by colored lagoons or the still unknown red valley. Make friends with local children and families and cross hundreds of wild alpacas while our beloved llamas join us carrying our luggage. Challenge yourself personally to new limits, enjoy a sky full of stars in the night and wake up with a hot coca tea while seeing the sunlight conquering the mountain peaks. Don't expect just one highlight on this tour, as every moment out there is something very special. Get ready for this off the beaten path trek to lead you through undiscovered landscapes that will leave you speechless!



                                                                    On the first day of the 2-day Ausangate trekking tour, you will leave Cusco at 4:00 am in the morning and be on the road for around 3 hours. Once arrived at the trailhead, you meet the local porter and our beloved llamas and horses that join us during this trekking tour. A picnic (breakfast) in the middle of nowhere with a view to the mountain around 8:00 am gives you the necessary energy for the upcoming adventure. At this point, the guide will explain the plan for the next two days and go over some safety regulations to ensure that you are perfectly prepared. Then it's time to leave, heading to the Ausangate lookout and being accompanied by a group of llamas. In the meantime, the chef and the horse carrying all the equipment hike to the lunch spot in order to prepare everything. On the way, you will meet Dorothea who will present you handmade alpaca crafts and her way of living in the mountains. 

                                                                    2 Day Ausangate trek cusco peru exploor

                                                                    There is no moment where you don't want to stop to just enjoy this incredible view over the valley behind you, watching over many alpacas in their natural habitat. Around 11:00 am, you will arrive at the viewpoint from where you have an impressive view over 4 differently coloured lagoons and the majestic snow-capped Ausgante mountain, the first reward for the day and the a stop for a break. Afterwards, you will head to the picnic spot to enjoy lunch between llamas and alpacas outdoors around 2:00 pm. Having recharged the energy levels of your body, you're ready for the last 1-hour hike up which is the steepest. On top, you can see a rainbow mountain formation that is still undiscovered, to your left the impressive Ausangate and the valley, to your right a lagoon and sneak peak of the Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most impressive spots on the entire Ausangate trek. Having arrived at the lagoon at around 4:00 pm, you will watch how the day turns to night. As it becomes cold, this is the perfect time to enjoy a delicious soup rich in minerals and vitamins. Just look up into the sky full of stars and you're exposed to the most magnificent view to see zodiac signs the Incas used to orient themselves.

                                                                    Wake up with the smell of hot coca tea at 4:00 am, enjoying the sunrise over the lagoon while having a nutritious breakfast that will give you energy for the last hike up. It's time to head towards the mighty rainbow mountain Vinicunca arriving there at 5:30 am to be one of the first ones to enjoy this beauty during the sunrise. After having taken the best shots of the rainbow mountain, it goes down, hiking towards another "out of this world" place: the red valley. Here, you will cross red mountains, greet and chat with locals who watch over their wild alpacas and see small houses they call their homes, all while being accompanied by our lovely llamas carrying the equipment. At 9:30 am, you will arrive at the last picnic spot to enjoy the phenomenal view over the Andean mountains, saying farewell to the team of porters and llamas, before heading back to Cusco. You will be back in the city of Cusco at approximately 1:00 pm.


                                                                          • Private transport with hotel pick-up from all hotels in Cusco
                                                                          • Fluent English/ Spanish speaking local guide
                                                                          • Private cook that prepares breakfast and lunch on both days + dinner on the first day
                                                                          • Water and artisanal snacks
                                                                          • Trekking poles and all the necessary camping supplies (tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, headlamp, seats, table and dishes)
                                                                          • Llamas and horse(s) carrying the equipment and your personal belongings
                                                                          • Porter who takes care of the llamas, horse(s) and the camping preparation
                                                                          • Communication radios
                                                                          • All entrance tickets of 30 soles
                                                                          • First aid kit and oxygen

                                                                             Not Included:

                                                                            • Pick up from hotels outside of Cusco
                                                                            • Dinner on the second day
                                                                            • Horse to ride on (the horse that joins us serves to transport equipment)
                                                                            • Tips for guide, porters and chef


                                                                              • Pickup at 4:00 am
                                                                              • Back in Cusco around 1:00 pm 


                                                                              • You should be fit, healthy and acclimated to the altitude when taking on the trip (we recommend staying in Cusco 2-3 days before taking on this trekking tour).
                                                                              • Bring your backpack, a rain cape and layers of clothes so you'll be warm
                                                                              • Take gloves, a hat, hiking shoes + an extra pair of socks with you (in case of snow) and if you want to you can bring hiking poles as well
                                                                              • Bring sunscreen, sunglasses and some extra money 
                                                                              • Pack some snacks and coca leaves
                                                                              • Stay constantly hydrated (drink every 15-20 minutes)

                                                                                   Terms of Reservation:

                                                                                  • Minimum 7 days before
                                                                                  • If there are not a minimum 2 people in total you have the option to:
                                                                                    • postpone the date of the tour
                                                                                    • receive a refund
                                                                                    • pay the difference to the private tour and do the private tour

                                                                                     Terms of Cancellation:

                                                                                    • If you cancel up to 6 days before the start of the tour, you'll receive a 100% refund.
                                                                                    • If you cancel less than 6 days before the start of the tour, you'll receive a 40% refund.
                                                                                    • If you cancel less than 4 days before the start of the tour, there won't be any refunds.

                                                                                     Pickup / Drop-off:

                                                                                    • Pickup from your hotel (only if your hotel is close to the city center of Cusco. In case you stay further away, meet up at the Plaza de Armas - taxi cost approx. 10-15 Soles)
                                                                                    • Drop-off at Plaza de Armas or at hotel
                                                                                    • Private tours include pickup from- and drop-off at the hotel.


                                                                                      • Exploor is not to be hold liable in case of delayed flights, inconveniences with train schedules or bad weather.
                                                                                      • The llamas and horses are not the property of Exploor and therefore we do not take any responsibility for lost personal belongings or any issues related to the usage of the animals.



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