Day Trip Cusco: 1-Day Trekking Tour to the Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain + Red Valley

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City: Cusco, Mountains // Activities: Trekking tour //  

This tour leads to one of the most popular tourist attractions in Cusco, the beautiful Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain. If you like trekking tours, this is the ideal tour, as you will hike for around 1.5 hours until arriving as one of the first ones on the top. During the Vinicunca trek, you will be able to see red mountain landscapes, llamas, alpacas and also the Apu Ausangate, a 6000 m snowy glacier. On the way back, you will hike through the incredible red valley which is another highlight of this day tour. We advise you to prepare yourself so that you can avoid the altitude sickness.

If you're looking for an alternative that is not that difficult and where you only hike for less than 1 hour, you should check out the alternative rainbow mountain trek.



                                                                    3:00-3:30 am:   Pick-up from your hotel in Cusco

                                                                            5:10 am:   Breakfast in a local restaurant (WC available)

                                                                            6:40 am:   Arrival at parking lot + Briefing (WC available)

                                                                            9:10 am:   Arrival on the top of the rainbow mountain and a break with coca tea and local snacks

                                                                          10:00 am:   Hiking through the red valley + seeing alpacas

                                                                          12:00 pm:   Pickup by car

                                                                          12:30 pm:   Lunch in local restaurant (WC available)

                                                                            4:00 pm:   Arrival at your hotel in Cusco

                                                                    Note: All times are approximations.


                                                                          • Private transport with hotel pick-up from all hotels close to the Plaza de Armas (see "Pickup / Drop-off" info below) 
                                                                          • Fluent English/ Spanish speaking local guide
                                                                          • Tour through the red valley 
                                                                          • Breakfast and lunch in a restaurant
                                                                          • Artisanal chocolate snacks
                                                                          • Trekking poles
                                                                          • Communication radios
                                                                          • First aid kit and oxygen

                                                                             Not Included:

                                                                            • Entrance to the Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca (S/ 10) + Red Valley (S/ 10)
                                                                            • Pick up from hotels outside of Cusco
                                                                            • Tips


                                                                              • 3:00 am - 4:00 pm


                                                                              • The weather can't be forecasted, forecasts by google or other weather apps are not reliable, as the weather at this altitude in the mountains is unpredictable. There can be sun, clouds, rain, hail, snow, thunderstorms. Thus, please be prepared, follow our recommendations (our experienced guides know what to do in case the weather turns bad or dangerous).


                                                                              • Bring your backpack, a rain cape and layers of clothes so you'll be warm
                                                                              • Take gloves, a hat, hiking shoes + an extra pair of socks with you (in case of snow) and if you want to you can bring hiking poles as well
                                                                              • Bring sunscreen, sunglasses and some extra money 
                                                                              • Pack some snacks and coca leaves

                                                                                   Terms of Reservation:

                                                                                  • If you want to book for 3 people or more please use the discount code "3VIN" during checkout and you'll get $5 off per person.
                                                                                  • We accept all reservations until 2:00 pm on the day before the tour (only if you send us the required information asked by us in our confirmation mail until 2:00 pm).
                                                                                  • If there are not minimum 2 people in total you have the option to:
                                                                                    • postpone the date of the tour
                                                                                    • receive a refund
                                                                                    • pay the difference to the private tour and do the private tour

                                                                                     Terms of Cancellation:

                                                                                    • If you cancel up to 3 days before the start of the tour, you'll receive a 100% refund.
                                                                                    • If you cancel less than 3 days before the start of the tour, you'll receive a 40% refund.
                                                                                    • If you cancel less than 24 hours before the start of the tour, there won't be any refunds.

                                                                                     Pickup / Drop-off:

                                                                                    • Pickup from your hotel (only if your hotel is close to the city center of Cusco. In case you stay further away, meet up at the Plaza de Armas - taxi cost approx. 10-15 Soles)
                                                                                    • Drop-off at Plaza de Armas (due to the rush hour that might leave you waiting 1-2 hours in the van in case we'd drop-off every participant)
                                                                                    • Private tours include pickup from- and drop-off at the hotel.


                                                                                      • We are not to be hold liable in case of delayed flights, inconveniences with train schedules or bad weather.


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