Iquitos: Get to know the Peruvian Jungle!

If you want to live an unforgettable experience in the Amazon rainforest you should try your luck with one of our tours in Iquitos. Come and get to know the amazing Peruvian jungle that is home to many species you have never seen before, such as pink dolphins, pirañas or the Victoria Amazonica in the Amazon River or cute little monkeys on the monkey island. Are you ready for a new adventure?


3-Day Tour in Iquitos: Get to Know the Amazon River & See Pink Dolphins
City: Iquitos, Jungle // Activities: Amazon jungle trek, bird watching, boat tour, fishing // Welcome to an unforgettable tour in the Amazon...
$375.00 $425.00
4 Days in Iquitos: Experience the Peruvian Jungle and Visit a Native Community
City: Iquitos, Jungle // Activities: Trekking, boat tour, bird watching, fishing // Pack your suitcase and make sure to bring your sunscreen,...