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Cusco is – without a doubt – one of the most magical places in Peru. Nestled high in the Andes and surrounded by scenic valleys and countless centuries of Incan history, Cusco is a wanderluster’s dream come true. 


Escape the crowds as your guide takes you through hidden spots and breathtaking viewpoints of Machu Picchu and enjoy the astonishing colors of the Rainbow mountains. Go off the beaten track and hike down the Inca Trail, Salkantay Trek, Humantay lake, or the awe-inspiring Sacred Valley.


Few places in the world rival the beauty and cultural richness of Peru. Make the most of your dream vacation and book one of our incredible Cusco tours with local guides. From exploring romantic views to quad biking to salt mines, you’re sure to find a tour of a lifetime!

Cusco Travel

Although Cusco is best known for being a connection point to Machu Picchu, its history is just as storied and fascinating. For the Incas, Cusco was the Incan capital, anchoring a vast military and political network from the 13th century until the Spanish conquest. 


Perched at a height of over 11,000 feet above sea level, the city is one of Peru’s most alluring highlights. Its vibrant spirit, cobblestone streets, colonial architecture, and delicious cuisine make Cusco a rewarding and mesmerizing place to visit. 

What to See in Cusco

Some of the top Cusco attractions include the Plaza de Armas, Sacsayhuaman, San Pedro Market, Choco Museum, and the Inca Museum. Among the best day trips from Cusco (besides Machu Picchu) are the Rainbow Mountains, Sacred Valley, and the Humantay Lake guided tours.

The Best Time to Visit Cusco 

Peru is a fantastic destination year round, but the best time to travel to Cusco is during the winter months (June to August), when the temperature is low at night, but during the day there’s plenty of sun. This is also the period with the least rain, making it perfect for outdoor activities like hiking.


Whether you decide to go trekking or have a laidback Cusco day trip, be sure to take the time to relax, acclimate to elevation, and experience the vibrant mix of Incan and Spanish influences. 


You can find everything you need to know about Cusco, including attractions, cuisine, trails, altitude sickness and many more topics in our special blog section!

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