Are you wondering what the top things to do in Ica are?

Ica is famous for having a range of great adventure activities that you can do on land and in the water. Enjoy a fun dune buggy tour including sand boarding or discover the Paracas National Reserve by quad bike, the fun is guaranteed. It's time to fall in love with Peru's beautiful sand dunes!

Discover the Paracas National Reserve by Quad Bike
City: Ica, Coast // Activities:  ATV tour  // With this adventurous ATV tour in Paracas fun is guaranteed. Speed on a paved road through the...
Explore Paracas' Desert with a Dune Buggy Tour and Sandboarding
City: Ica, Coast // Activities: Dune buggy ride, sandboarding // Ready for two of the best things to do in Paracas? Experience the adrenaline...
Ballestas Islands Boat Tour and Quad Biking Tour in the Paracas National Reserve
City: Ica, Coast // Activities:  Boat tour to Ballestas Islands, ATV tour  // Are you ready for some adventure while getting to know the...
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