Discover the 7-colored Rainbow Mountain of Peru!

The trekking tour to the Rainbow Mountain, the Vinicunca, is one of the most popular day trips in Peru. The tour to the famous mountain allows you to see the beautiful landscape of the Andean Mountains and also the typical animals, such as Alpacas and Llamas. The alternative trek to the Rainbow Mountains is our secret tip for all the travellers that are looking to escape from the crowds that are trekking the "common tour" to Vinicunca.

Exploor Exclusive - Day Trip from Cusco: Alternative Rainbow Mountain Trek + Red Valley
City: Cusco, Mountains // Activities: Trekking // Be one of the first travelers to visit the rainbow mountains without a multiple hour hike,...
Photo 1 Day Tour Trekking Rainbow Mountain Cusco Peru exploor
Day Trip Cusco: 1-Day Trekking Tour to the Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain
City: Cusco, Mountains // Activities: Trekking //   Please read our blog post about the two rainbow mountain tours for more...
Photo tambopata cusco tour exploor peru Sale
Experience Cusco's Nature & Tambopata's Jungle in 5 Days
City: Cusco, Mountains & Tambopata, Jungle // Activities: Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountains, bird watching, cayman tour, archery, jungle tour  // This tour of Cusco...
$609.00 $670.00
The Best of Cusco in 3 Days: Sacred Valley Tour + Machu Picchu Tour + Alternative Rainbow Mountain Trek
City: Cusco, Mountains // Activities: Trekking to the Rainbow Mountains, Visit of Machu Picchu, Visit of Pisac, Moray, Salt Mines of Maras &...
$457.00 $504.00
2 Days in Cusco: Alternative Rainbow Mountain Tour + Humantay Lake Tour
City: Cusco, Mountains // Activities: Trekking to Rainbow Mountains & Humantay Lake // How about two beautiful days that give you the chance...
$179.00 $190.00