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Are you just planning your trip and are you wondering where to stay in Peru?Hundreds of options out there make it tough to decide, investigate, compare and finally book where to finally have the best stay in Peru.

Even if it’s not home, it’s always great to have the feeling to be welcome, maybe meet nice people but most importantly, feel safe and comfortable.

That’s why we created this list, based on our personal experience and on recommendations from other travelers.

Let’s take a look at where to stay in Lima, where to stay in Cusco and much more.


best places to stay in Peru la hosteria

La Hosteria


First, I think it’s quite useful to know the different options you can find in Peru and how to differentiate them in our listing:


Best for the low budget traveler or for the person that prefers to spend more on food and activities than on the accommodation, low priced hostels are the perfect solution.

As in every hostel (shared dorms but also private bedrooms), the security and the service are usually quite low and I always recommend to keep the most important things with you or to bring your own lock for a locker. 


Hospedajes are low-cost accommodations that offer more privacy but lack the features of a typical hotel or Bed & Breakfast(B&B).

Many are just small family businesses that differ in standards of service like a little breakfast and offer rustical accommodation.

Those places are great for backpackers and travelers who search the contact with locals or something more private but less expensive than the hotel or B&B option.


A similar option to hospedajes are AirBnBs (AirBnB invites you to sign yourself up and receive a $40 discount for your new account; a nice welcome discount to use AirBnB the first time here) and Bed & Breakfasts.

Especially Lima and Cusco have experienced a huge growth in this type of accommodation. 

Perfect in case you prefer a more quiet place, private bed- and bathroom and breakfast (in AirBnBs it's not a standard service) at a reasonable price. 


The difference from 3 to 5 star hotels can be huge, but still, you can always expect a minimum standard of quality and service ( makes you a $15 gift for your signup and booking here).

Those places are the perfect fit if you prefer a private bed- and bathroom, more diverse breakfast and other options like pools, spas, security and a higher standard of living.



Now, let me present you the best places to stay in Peru for travellers:

Where to stay in Lima

best place to stay in Lima el patio

El Patio


Kaclla (from $13) (Hostel)

If you are looking for a cheap, but lovely accommodation which is centrally located, Kaclla could be perfect for you. The rooms and baths are simple but clean and charming, the staff is very friendly.

Direction: Calle Porta 461, Miraflores

El Patio (from $45) (Hostel)

This hostel feels like a little oasis in the noisy city of Lima, although it’s centrally located. My boyfriend and I really fell in love with the lush garden in the central courtyard, the charmingly furnished rooms and the cozy seating areas.

Direction: Calle Ernesto Diez Canseco 341, Miraflores

best place to stay in Lima el patio

El Patio


Loki (from $10) (Hostel)

Loki is THE hostel in Peru when you want to make party. Whether in Lima, Cusco or Mancora, it’s a great place to stay for the nightlife experience, and the hostels are decorated very lovely and crazy.

Convenient & Comfy (from $57) (B&B)

A lovely AirBnB for up to 4 travelers, ideal for couples or small families that want to feel the touch of Lima. Especially the location in Miraflores, the most common place for travelers, makes this place great. Same goes for the adorable Pámela, the owner of the place. If you search something cozy and located so most of the center is close to go by foot, this might be a good option. 


Second Home (from $135) (Hotel)

If you really want to indulge yourself in some comfort, I recommend booking the hotel Second Home in the artists’ district of Barranco. If once was the home of the artist Victor Delphin, whose pieces of art can be admired in the hotel. Some nice features are the view over the ocean, the pool as well as the location itself.

Direction: Domeyer 366, Barranco

Best place to stay in Peru Second Home


Nice ocean view apartment (from $62) (B&B)

Jairo is a great AirBnB host, doing his best to make your stay in his apartment as comfortable as possible. His apartment with an incredible view to the ocean, located in San Miguel, approx. 30 minutes from Miraflores and the center, offers comfort and relaxation and is perfect for couples.


D’Osma B&B (from $40) (B&B)

This little cute B&B, located in the center of Barranco, the bohemian neighborhood and just one square from Barranco's main square offers you by day and night artists that share their skills. With 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) from Miraflores, it offers a great place to be close to the most cultural and alternative side of the city.

Direction: Avenida Pedro de Osma 240, Barranco

#tips Some helpful phrases

¿Dónde está el mercado más cercano o una tienda? Where is the next supermarket or shop?
¿Dónde puedo comprar agua? Where can I buy water? IMPORTANT: Don’t drink water from the tub
¿Cúal es la clave del Wifi? What is the password for Wifi?
¿Dónde recomiendas ir a comer? Where do you recommend to go out to eat?
¿Dónde puedo retirar dinero? Where can I withdraw money?


Where to stay in Cusco

Supertramp Hostel (from $13) (Hostel)

This hostel is quite simple and almost rustic, but hip and cheap. And its terrace offers a stunning view over Cusco!

Direction: Sapantiana 424B

La Bo’M (from $12) (Hostel)

The name says it all: this is a quite hippie and cozy hostel. It’s very centrally located in the artists’ district San Blas and even offers its own crêperie!

Direction: Calle Carmen Alto 283. San Blas.

Madre Tierra (from $48) (Hotel)

This really lovely and nicely furnished hostel rather seems to be a hotel. The rooms are cozy and offer an amazing view over Cusco!

Best place to stay in Peru Madre Tierra

Madre Tierra

Tierra Viva Cusco Plaza (from $78) (Hotel)

This Hotel is located only 2 minutes from the Plaza de Armas, Cusco’s main square. Its familiar atmosphere is incredible ant the internal roof-covered courtyard with an old fireplace invites you to enjoy your breakfast, just play cards or drink a Pisco or wine with friends in the evening.

Direction: Suecia N° 345, Cusco City Centre

Cozy apartment in Cusco's downtown (from $34)  (AirBnB)

Perfect for couples, this little but beautiful place about 10 minutes from the main square of Cusco is a perfect fit in case you search something private, economic and comfortable. The entire apartment will be yours.

Tambo del Arriero Hotel Boutique (from$102) (Hotel)

This one is an “utterly charming small hotel 5 blocks from Cusco’s Plaza de Armas. The warm mix of woods creates a cozy atmosphere, its the staff is really friendly and the breakfast delicious!

Direction: Nueva Alta N°484, Cusco City Centre

Best place to stay in Peru El Tambo

El Tambo

Where to stay in the Sacred Valley


Las Portadas (from $9) (Hostel)

Las Portadas is a quaint little hostel with a really cute garden, only a few steps away from the main square. The rooms are simple but clean and quiet.

Direction: Calle Principal

Hotel Sol (from $68) (Hotel)

Although the hotel is centrally located, it’s quiet and offers a great view of the river and the ruins of Ollantaytambo. The staff is always friendly and the atmosphere very welcoming.

Direction: Calle Ventiderio

Best Place to stay in Peru el sol

El Sol


Where to stay in Aguas Calientes  

Eco Machu Picchu Pueblo (from $30) (Hostel)

The Eco Machu Picchu Pueblo is a simple, but cozy and well-equipped hostel with very friendly and helpful staff. 

Direction: Calle Aymuraypa Tikan 112

Eco Machu Picchu Pueblo


El Mistico MachuPicchu (from $44)  (Hotel)

Situated right next door to the hot springs, El Mistico Machu Picchu provides lovely rooms, friendly staff, a shared lodge, and a terrace with a great view.

Direction: Av. Pachacutec n° 814 3, Aguas Calientes

Where to stay in Paracas

Kokopelli Hostel Paracas (from $14) (Hostel)

Kokopelli is a lovely hostel directly next to the beach. It has great party vibes, including a terrace with a bar and a panoramic view. The pool table and a pool are perfect to meet other travelers.

Direction: Avenida Paracas 128, Paracas

Best place to stay in Peru kokopellis

 Kokopelli Hostel Paracas


Palmeras House (from $32)  (Hotel)

This rather new hotel is very quiet and close to the beach, has a welcoming atmosphere and provides a kitchen where you can also cook on your own.

Direction: Jose de San Martin Mz E Lt. 19, Paracas


Where to stay in Huacachina

Banana’s Adventure (from $24) (Hostel)

Lovely and green accommodation with pool and bar, and a garden with hammocks.

Direction: Av. Ángela de Perotti s/n Huacachina

Hosteria Suiza (from $79) (Hotel)

Featuring an outdoor pool, a sun terrace, an a la carte restaurant, and a bar area with pool view to the pool. The guest house is right next to the scenic La Huacachina lagoon and provides nice and clean rooms.

Direction: Balneario Huacachina

Best place to stay in Peru la hosteria suiza

Hosteria Suiza

Where to stay in Nazca

Nanasqa Hostel (from $6) (Hostel)

Simple, but clean and cheap accommodation. Perfect if you stay for just one night and leave early with the bus.

Direction: Calle Los Geranios Mz L, Lt 13, Nazca

B&B El Jardin (from $40)  (B&B)

A very nice accommodation; it’s really lovely and green. For the desert, it’s a very comfortable place.

Direction: Jose Maria Mejia E 01

Where to stay in Arequipa

Le Foyer Hostel (from $10) (Hostel)

This charming colonial building with balconies is located only 200m from the Main Square. Although it’s cheap, a breakfast with some bread and marmalade is included. Further, there are areas to relax and BBQ facilities.

Direction: Ugarte 114, Arequipa.

Bubamara San Lazaro (from $28) (Hotel)

This almost rustic, but very charming hotel is located near the Santa Catalina Convent and features a lovely roof terrace from where you can see the Misti. The rooms are very comfortable and clean.

Direction: Avenida Juan de la Torre #150, Arequipa.


La Hosteria (from $60)  (Hotel)

Set up in a renovated colonial house, this hotel not only features plenty of open spaces, balconies, a small fountain, and plants but is also just a 5-minute walk from Arequipa’s main square. The rooms are nicely decorated and guests can enjoy the spa and sauna services for a little extra fee.

Best place to stay in Peru la hosteria

La Hosteria


Where to stay in Colca Canyon

Hotel El Refugio (from $77) (Hotel)

Tucked away in the Colca Canyon, this rustic-styled (yet luxurious) hotel features lovely rooms and a thermal bath. The sound of the river and the beautiful view over the valley make this stay perfect to relax.

Direction: Putuco s/n (Carretera rural a Cabanaconde), Areq 01 Chivay.

Eco Inn (from $49)  (Hotel)

The rooms are all in little charming cottages, quite rustic and Wifi only works well in the lounge. But that’s compensated by a breathtaking view over the Canyon and the calming sound of the river, so it’s the perfect place to relax.

Direction: Calle Lima No. 513, Yanque, Arequipa.

Best place to stay in Peru Eco Inn

Eco Inn

Where to stay in Puno

Quechuas Inka Palace (from $28) (Hostel)

The rooms of this “palace” are quite simple, but comfy and all of them offer a great view of the mountains and the lake (and a delicious breakfast buffet). It’s located at the top of Puno’s main street and therefore close to everything.

Direction: Jr. Independencia N. 301, Puno.

Conde de Lemos Hotel (from $54) (Hotel)

Located in the heart of Puno (1 block from Puno’s main square), this boutique-style hotel enjoys the centric location. Anyway, the place is filled with peace and quietness. The rooms are very nice and spacious, and their balconies offer a nice view over the historical city center and Titicaca Lake.

Direction: Jr. Puno 681, Puno.

Best place to stay in Peru hotel Conde de Lemos

Conde de Lemos Hotel


Even if there may be other incredible places, this list of where to stay in Peru is based on our personal experience and recommendations by other travelers we met.

Safety, friendliness, and commodity are for me most important and I guess this might be also important for you.

I hope this list helps you to simplify your plan of how and where to spend your time in Peru. Later there comes the question what to do, and especially Cusco has so many sights you can visit like Humantay Lake, Machu Picchu or the alternative Rainbow Mountain Palccoyo.

Finally, please feel free to leave a comment with your favorite or best place to stay in Peru and why’s that. Would love to hear about those too.

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