Entrance to the Salt Mines of Maras will be prohibited from June 15th!

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Important: You can still visit the Maras Salt Mines up to the general viewpoint but you can't pass it and walk among the ponds anymore.


One of the most popular sites of the Sacred Valley tour is the salt mines of Maras. Unfortunately, the entrance to the salt ponds will be prohibited starting June 15th.

This decision has been made by MaraSal S.A., the company owning the salt mines of Maras, in an open letter directed to tour operators and tourism institutions.


Traveler walking between Maras salt mines

Walking between the salt ponds in Maras won't be possible anymore.


Why will the entrance to the Maras salt mines be prohibited?

In the open letter, the company states that they have noticed an increasing pollution of the ponds due to contaminants, such as hair, paper, plastic and cigarette stubs. This can be attributed to an increasing number of tourists visiting the salt ponds.

As MarasSal S.A. processes and sells the salt for consumption, they have to make sure that the product adheres to certain quality standards.

Given the pollution, they consider the quality of their product to be threatened. That’s why they took drastic means and prohibited the entrance to national and international tourists from the 15th of June onwards.


What does this mean for me if I want to visit the Salt mines of Maras?

You can still visit the salt mines and take a look at them. However, it will not be possible to enter them and take a picture as shown below.

It will only be possible to visit the viewpoint, from where you can see the salt mines.

Influencer Krystine standing at Maras salt mines

This spot has become a very popular spot for influencers to take photos.


There are lots of souvenir shops around where you can try and buy the original salt of Maras, which is great for cooking and also has medical benefits.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Sacred Valley day tour, we invite you to check out our blog post about the Sacred Valley tour or to contact us in the chat or via mail.

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Created on , posted by Sally M.

Is this true? I have just seen a story of an Influencer walking among the salt mines the other day.

Created on , posted by Ashley

I’m literally sobbing. I hoped so much that they would wait until I went next week to close it considering I would NEVER litter. Thank you so much to the lovely people who ruined this for everyone. This was at the top of my list and now I don’t even want to go ;(

Created on , posted by Jaden

Alright at least it is possible to see it! Thanks for the news! You are the only tour operator who has done that …

Created on , posted by Jenny Pesaine

Sad news! I’d have loved to take a picture as shown above :(

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